The German Fellowship Deaconry Movement (Deutscher Gemeinschafts-Diakonieverband) began in Vandsburg, West Prussia (now Poland) with four Sisters in 1899. Sisters or Deaconesses are women who are born again, have the call to this celibate life, and serve Jesus in various missional capacities within this organization without remuneration. It took only 10 short years until the burning desire and call to foreign shores led Sister Elisabeth Gramenz from Germany to China in 1909 under the umbrella of China Inland Mission, founded by J. Hudson Taylor. Soon she was followed by three more Sisters and later by Brothers of the German Fellowship Deaconry, with their wives and families. The opportunities to preach the Gospel grew. The call to help the blind, the sick and the socially ostracized could not be left unheeded. More Sisters and Brothers followed. The ministries of the German Fellowship Deaconry in China flourished. People came to Christ...Read more


Presently we have nine career missionaries working in Japan and Taiwan, preaching the Word and showing forth the love of Jesus. Through His power, should are coming to faith in Christ and being discipled.   

That’s the only way to describe it. We are LIBERTY CORNER MISSION, blessed by the Lord with a new face, a new goal, and a deeply renewed passion for people to come to Jesus. We are thankful today to the Lord of the Harvest, who is still calling and sending workers out into His harvest field. And we are thankful to you who support our missionaries through prayer and finances, for only you make the sending possible.

·   Our new face is Liberty Corner Mission USA, as the Lord has graciously led us to recently incorporate under this name in New Jersey; and Liberty Corner Mission CANADA, our “partner mission” to the North, which has also formed its own corporation...Read more