Liberty Corner Mission USA, an interdenominational faith mission, is the foreign mission arm of Fellowship Deaconry Ministries, located in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, bringing God's Word of salvation and transformation to the peoples of Japan and Taiwan. God has commanded and empowered us to be HIS witnesses in the world, and HE directs us when we obey. 

Foreign missionaries from North America and indigenous missionaries from their own nations are recruited for ministry and service. Long-term or career missionaries, as well as short-term missionaries, who know Jesus Christ as Savior in a personal and experiential way are sent out.  Ministries include church planting, outreach to prisoners, caring for challenged and special-needs children and adults, and ministries among the tsunami victims. Our mission is to proclaim forgiveness and salvation through the finished work of Christ on the cross, showing His love and compassion to the lost, gathering true believers in worship, and making disciples.




The VISION of Liberty Corner Mission USA

is to increase the number of true worshippers and disciples of the Triune God on foreign shores.


The MISSION of Liberty Corner Mission USA

is to partner with churches and individuals to recruit, equip, send, and support

both foreign and indigenous missionaries on foreign fields,

who will plant and grow reproducing churches, minister to human need,

and motivate the nation churches, minister to human need,

and motivate the national church to walk in God's truth.


The PASSION of Liberty Corner Mission USA

is to be compelled by the love of God to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ,

called to live and love sacrificially,

and to be committed to the ministry of reconciliation.



~ from II Corinthians 5:14-21