Rejoice always, pray without ceasing!  

I Thessalonians 5:16~17

For fifteen long years, Dr. T’s family prayed. They prayed that their father would accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Soon after arriving in Japan, we met Dr. T at our church. As a physician, he had a great interest in the German and English languages, and we soon became friends. He came to church several times, but could not accept the fact that man is sinful. A year later, while hospitalized for a terminal illness, we visited him. He was still not ready to commit his life to Christ.

Suddenly it all changed!  Two weeks ago when he called us to his hospital bed, his heart was prepared.  I explained the Gospel again and read the Word with him, showing him that we are all sinners who need God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Dr. T nodded as he listened. Then he asked Jesus to come into his heart. Shedding tears of joy, his daughter witnessed the faithfulness of God in answering prayer to save her father. As we left his room, Dr. T was smiling gratefully. 

Recently, we were asked to return to the hospital. His family and a few church members gathered around his bed and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we baptized Dr. T. It was a peaceful and inspiring celebration, even though we were standing in ICU with doctors and nurses rushing by. We blessed Dr. T in Japanese and German. We know he appreciated that. A few hours later, he passed into Eternity. How we praised God at his funeral for opening Dr. T's heart! Throughout all these years, his wife and two daughters never gave up praying for his salvation. 

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