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In God I trust; I will not be afraid.

~ Psalm 56:4 NIV

Mr. W is an retired professor and military general, who accompanied his wife to church for many years. Mrs. W became a Christian when she was young, but married this man who had never made a commitment to Christ. He is an interesting man to talk to, but had intellectual problems with Christianity. Initially he wasn’t even able to confess a belief in the God of the Bible. Later, he trusted in Christ, but still lacked conviction of the need to be baptized. The hunger of his heart, however, was not satisfied. Some months ago he confessed that when he comes to church he prays that the Holy Spirit would clearly speak to him. How thrilled we were to know that the Holy Spirit was knocking on the door of his heart! 

Then one day it happened. Our church went on a weekend retreat and Mr. W stayed home. Watching a Christian TV program, he felt motivated to write down the theme of the sermon: Start up your faith! Get rid of your fear! Seven days later he began with symptoms, which after extensive testing, proved to be a malignant tumor in his kidney. It was then he called me to his home to share the sermon he had heard on TV, recognizing it was indeed the Lord speaking to him in preparation for this sickness. His family was quite concerned, but he was at peace because he had given his life to God. He also promised that if he survived, he would get baptized and entrust his remaining days to the Lord. 

Mr. W survived the surgery, recovered well, and was baptized shortly after, just one day before his 83rd birthday. He knows baptism symbolizes new life in Christ, and therefore he wanted this special event to coincide with his birthday. He acknowledges that there are a lot of things in the Bible that he doesn't understand, but God wants man to simply believe. Start up your faith! Get rid of your fear! Mr. W has taken the step! 

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